1. why does the bottle say to take 2 capsules twice a day, but on here it states not to take more than 900 mg a day? dosage does not make sense?


  3. I just purchase a bottle of slimvance core 12x 30 day supply. Over the past weekend I lost 5 pounds already! It totally works for me. Now with diet and exercise I recommend a meal replacement protein shake once a day.

  4. I know it says not to take more than the recommended dose, but Why? And it’s only one before breakfast and one before diner, why not lunch?

  5. Shortly after taking it my skin felt very hot so I looked in the mirror and my skin on my face and arms were bright red. It stayed like that for about 30 minutes

  6. Utilized for 3 weeks, began urinating blood. Ceased for four days and administered one capsule and within two hours the bloody urine reappeared! Called listed number at GNC no one available with ANY MEDICAL expertise to offer remedy or consultation. Contacting FDA file complaint.

  7. I have used this product for 6 weeks plus diet and exercise fairly regularly and lost 14 lbs. Super pleased it works for me. Every body has a different body composition and it may not mesh with your individual chemistry. However it’s the first supplement that I can say worked and well for me. Jonathan

  8. what is recommended to take slimvance thermogenic on non work out days and can I start off at 1 pill twice a day or is better to stick to 2 pills twice a day?

  9. Been taking this for about a month now. I can say this product gives me Major energy!!! as far as the slim down, I’m not sure, could be a combination of everything . I combined it with no sugar, no grain diet. plus 5 days a week of exercise. Probably Won’t refill, but it’s ok while it lasts.

  10. I’ve been taking for a week and my energy level has increased, no side effects yet other than that. But I’m doing an ingredients paper for chemistry and need to know why the ingredient Talc is in there, can anyone explain ?

  11. I’m on day 2 and So far I’m getting like heart burn type sensation on my chest, had a slight headache yesterday but, the caffeine is what I was worried about and I didn’t get the jitters. Hopefully this stuff works!

    The guy above who said he urinated blood is trolling hard it has a prior medical condition haha

  12. I started it yesterday I took one and another one this morning but it causing my heart to burn what the reason for that

  13. I took as directed and it did the same to me as the other person. My first and only day I took 2 in the morning, then two more later.I got the sensation of burning on my head , face, arms. My skin got real red and shells started forming. Great thing I was at work , I was given benadryl and a shot as well as an iv to counteract the reaction.

  14. Same as the other two comments, hot sensation on my arms…looked down and my arms were red and blotchy. Only took 2 in the morning & I don’t usually have any reactions to medications or supplements…returning.

  15. I took supplement as recommended. Two this morning. I had the same sensation/reaction as the previous review. It seemed as though my face was being paralyzed around my mouth area as well. Very scary. I’m returning as well.

  16. Had the same red arm and face reaction. I assume it is from the niacin… fades in about 30 minutes….

  17. I just bought and I took one pill last night and one this morning combining with CLA. I felt my whole body getting cold and a cold sweat in my hands and feet. Although I felt a little up energy, my stomach didn’t feel good so I had to laid down and rest for a little bit. After about 40 min to 1 hr I started feeling better. Got scared now. Don’t know if I will give it another chance. Well, I’m planing to work out later, let’s see how I’ll feel.

  18. Within an hour of taking 2 or the Slimvance Core Slimvance Complex BODYDYNAMIX I broke out in hives literally over every joint of my body after suffering vomiting urge.
    I went on to take it again and I was fine.
    Took it again, then the hot rashes came again!
    They go away after 2 hours.
    Oh and all over the back and back and under arms!
    What is causing this and should I stop taking it or is it burning my fat good?

  19. Starting my 2nd Bottle – I find that I can only take 2 in the Morning as directed but cannot take at night as I cannot sleep, same for my son – yes I feel a little feverish but this raises your Core heat levels so that would make sense

    I am down 2 sizes with altering my diet and using these – minimum Exercise – just walk my dog every night

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