1. Can you take both? Together or Separately I have been taking type ii 40mg Now the powder seems very popular but I thought it wasn’t efficatious to mix the 3 types in 1 supplement? Should I switch to the hydrolysate powder -stick with the type ii which also contains 5 mg of boron & 3.3 HA- or do both? I’m senior female-very active -Osteoarthritis not Rheumatoid/previous hip replacement

  2. Hi Natalie, generally speaking type 2 is best for your joints because type 1 and type 3 collagen are found mostly in the skin, hair, and nails. This is also the reason why hydrolysate powders mixing all 3 (well, actually 5) are so popular – people take them to support joints, skin, nails, and hair all at once. Isolated type 2 is probably better for your joints, but if you want all of the benefits you can consider switching to hydrolysate.

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