1. I use bulbine by gn. 1.2 grams in total on 2 doses aufteitl. Each ca 600 gr. One in the morning one evening Can this dose be dangerous for the kidneys?

  2. It’s tough to say because there aren’t any human studies on its safety. All the info we have right now is that doses of 50 mg/kg of body weight or higher over 14 days can be bad for the kidneys in rats. Best to discuss it with a doctor.

  3. The dose of rats must be converted into the equivalent dose for humans !!!!!!!!!

    Conversion factor 0.162

    rat dose 25 mg/kg = human dose ( 25 x 0.162) = 4.05 mg/kg

    for an adult of 80 kg ( 180 lb ) = 324 mg of products

  4. I have a plant and I would like eat the raw plant in bits and pieces but I don’t know how much to consume.

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