1. I agree he endorses to many different weight lose u don’t know what to believe and of course he is not over weight do got to be a money thing Dr Oz u are putting the ppl that trust u having high hopes u should only have one u endorse and it should be one that really works ppl are start not to trust ur opion any more

  2. I absolutely believe that before dr. Oz endorses any of these products on his show that he should require those companies to produce a published and peer-reviewed medical journal describing the full-blown clinical test, double blind and placebo included. It would seem to me that he should have been requiring this all along in order to protect his name and credibility and that without these requirements it appears that he is volunteering to be a marketing tool that is most likely being well rewarded by those companies that are taking advantage of his media platform.

  3. Agreed Richard. Unfortunately, people want results and as long as they trust someone they don’t care about the scientific proof.

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